New website is up!

Hello everyone, I’m just testing out a whole bunch of new wordpress stuff so I have a nice, clean and simple design to work with. I originally had a web domain that didn’t make much sense as well as a really crappy design but now I’ve gotten all of this installed it should make things a lot less painful for you to look at and also easier for me to upload everything and add new updates.

I have been posting up updates on my Bitcointalk thread as you know but I wanted to also have something a bit more official especially for the later projects I have planned. The game is called “The rabbit and the moon” I’m trying not to make any crazy promises yet but things are going full ahead and I’m very much nearly at the beta phase for the game now with just a few bits and pieces to work out. The rest of the work I have to do is all just animation and artwork.

Be sure to check back after awhile because I will be uploading the game for sale on this very website as well as other products!

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